Rachael Rigby, Senior Lecturer in Biomedicine

What was the promotion you went for?

Senior Lecturer (Grade 9)

What made you decide to go for it?

My career goal is to become a Professor so promotion to Senior Lecturer is the next step on that ladder.  You become aware that you are working at a certain level that could warrant promotion especially when looking at peers from other institutions doing comparable work.

How did you feel when considering putting yourself forward for promotion?

I was apprehensive as this was my 3rd attempt and I was losing confidence each time.  However after my second application I had discussed the best way forward with colleagues and decided not to re-apply straight away but to take a year to build a stronger case.  In this time the discipline specific criteria were introduced which I found much clearer and very helpful.

How did you go about preparing your case for promotion?

As I had made two previous cases for promotion I used some of the material to draft this case, along with the work I had done in the time between applications and feedback from colleagues.  This was then sent to the new departmental ‘promotions team’ for feedback.  This promotions team did not exist when I made my previous cases and they were very supporting offering useful feedback.

Is there any particular advice you would give to other candidates?

Look at the criteria well in advance of writing your case as this may shape the direction of some of your work.  Get advice from colleagues and adhere to the the criteria, particularly discipline specific criteria. 

What impact has being successful in your promotion had on your work?

I am now able to focus on new projects and the next stage of my professional development.  My workload has not increased since being promoted, it did increase prior to this as I took on additional work to build up to promotion.