Adekemi Funmilayo Adejoro

Adekemi Funmilayo Adejoro is proud to have studied at Lancaster University Management School, which she chose for several reasons.

"It was the only university in the UK that offered my desired Masters degree course choices and the syllabus measured up to what I wanted and also, the serene, quiet school environment also appealed to my reasons for choosing the institution. In addition, the rank of the school on the league table sold me out completely to the university as I wanted to be part of a performing institution."

She previously worked at the Access Bank in Nigeria on technical projects, before coming to Lancaster for an MSc in Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change (ITMOC).

The course revealed her hidden talents and steered her career in a different direction.

"At Lancaster University, I was exposed to working in groups with colleagues from different backgrounds which entails teamwork, knowledge sharing which added value to me personally and improved my communication skills.

"During the programme, my thinking and research skills were developed and sharpened particularly within an organisational context which was evident during my dissertation. At this point I realised that my strength lies in Business Analysis which the ITMOC programme has equipped me with. Lancaster University provided me with the platform to develop my research and thinking skills particularly within an organisation."

Following her MSc, she qualified as a certified Business Analyst.