Ayo Dawodu

Ayo Dawodu from Lagos in Nigeria is now working in London as a web developer after studying for an MSc in Networking and Internet Systems at Lancaster University.

"Computers are perhaps the best man-made tool we humans have, and the possibility with them just fascinates me and spurs unending interest in them. Hence, my chosen field of study. I am naturally interested in knowledge; generally in how stuff works. I'm practical like that."

He studied at the University's School of Computing and Communications.

"Bursting with streams of intellect, the School of Computing and Communications made my time at university a much valued one. Quite challenging times, but it brought about a better me. I also explored the opportunity to make valuable connections with a few of the vast majority of brilliant minds I was surrounded with."

He also enjoyed the city of Lancaster.

"Lancaster as a city was just perfect, no unnecessary buzz and serene, it was just the perfect learning environment. While that may sound so serious, we do get the chilled-out times as well."

With his career on track, Ayo has no regrets about studying abroad.

"The time spent at Lancaster University brought about added knowledge, which is definitely a plus. I look forward to applying this knowledge in everyday living to primarily add value to life."