Oluwabamise Afolabi

Oluwabamise Afolabi from Osun in Nigeria now has friends from all over the world after studying at the Lancaster Environment Centre, where he did his MSc in Energy and the Environment.

"I was able to meet and mix with international students from different parts of the world. At first, it was a little challenging living in the UK and adapting to the wet weather but I got over this after the first two months. In fact, after a couple of months, I preferred to switch-off my heater completely because I had got used to the weather".

"Also, I had to adjust to the teaching style in the UK because it is a little different from how I was taught in Nigeria. However, working as a group with my other colleagues on different assignments and interacting personally with my tutors aided my quick adaptation to the new teaching style at Lancaster University".

As well as new friends, he feels he has gained a lot from studying abroad.

"My programme at the Lancaster Environment Centre exposed me to 'real-life' projects and work environments such as the Higherford Mill Project and my attachment as a Graduate Consultant to EGG Consultants Ltd in Manchester, which has increased my employment opportunities. I feel I now have the leverage I need for my next job and PhD afterwards."

He is proud to be a Lancaster alumnus and will never forget his time here.

"One of the major memories I have of Lancaster is its lush green terrain which makes one feel healthy and its welcoming people. I feel the town also offered me value for my money because Lancaster is one of the cheapest towns to live in".