How the money is raised

What is the Friends Programme?

The Friends Programme, run by the Alumni & Development Office, is a long-term fundraising initiative that raises funds from alumni and friends to support the University.  Our fundraising activities include telephone campaigns, mail campaigns, face-to-face fundraising and a legacy programme.

Telephone Campaigns

Donations are acquired, primarily, through telephone fundraising campaigns in which Lancaster University students are employed as telephone fundraisers to call alumni and other friends of the University to ask for donations.  Donors tend to make direct debit gifts, making a regular gift every month (a typical gift might be £5 or £10 per month). 

Our telephone campaigns usually run each term for 3-6 weeks.  Our students call Monday to Thursday 6-9pm from the John Welch Room in University House.  The shifts are entirely student run and they are always on the look out for support in the shape of prizes and incentives to keep their spirits up!  If you would like to know more please contact Rachel Binley.

Other fundraising activities include mail campaigns, face-to-face fundraising and legacies.

Funds raised in this way are distributed on an annual basis and applications for grants from the Friends Programme fund are invited from any student or member of staff from the University.

Who decides how the money is spent?

The Friends Programme Disbursement Committee (whose membership includes faculty, college, student, and alumni representatives) makes decisions about the use of ‘unrestricted’ funds and makes grants in response to applications. 

Where donors have specified how they would like their gift to be used, the Committee will follow the wishes of the donor.