Chile Alumni Group

Chilean Alumni Co-ordinator: Antonieta Hidalgo

Antonieta organises social and networking events for Lancaster alumni in Chile.

To receive invitations, please ensure that your address details on the alumni database indicate that you live in Chile. Update your details online (requires log on) or by emailing

To find out more about the group, please email Antonieta directly.

What I'm doing now

At the moment I'm part of the teaching staff for Universidad Chileno Britanica located in Santiago, Chile. I'm also the English Language Co-ordinator and part of the investigation unit.

My best Lancaster memory

I enjoyed meeting students from other cultures and learning to become part of the University which meant becoming aware of an academic and personal identity only shaped by experience.

Academically I enjoyed having the opportunity to engage in discussions with professors who were generating knowledge at that point. Personally, it was a great experience for me to live on campus during my MA which I couldn't do whilst studying for my PhD as I did this by distance.  Living on campus gave me the opportunity to experience university life in a completely different way to how it is experienced in Chile. I had the chance to make lots of friends who were also far away from home and learn about different cultures. When I studied my PhD, my previous experience at Lancaster helped me to move within the University online and physically.

What Lancaster means to me

Lancaster means hard work, great satisfaction and generating lifelong bonds.

Why I volunteer as an alumni group co-ordinator

I think it would be nice for us Chileans to have the opportunity to have the space to meet and keep connected to Lancaster and my Lancaster experience through both my MA and PhD could be helpful when acting as co-ordinator.  Personally, I work with and know a few Chilean Lancaster graduates and I'm willing to act as a link for both them and other interested Lancaster graduates and visitors.