Greek Alumni Group

Greek Alumni Co-ordinators: Nikolaos Korkolis and Dimitris Kontogiannis

Nikolaos and Dimitris organise social and networking events for Lancaster alumni in Greece.

To receive invitations, please ensure that your address details on the alumni database indicate that you live in Greece. Update your details online (requires log on) or by emailing

To find out more about the group, please email Nikolaos or email Dimitris directly.

What I'm doing now

Nikolaos: I am currently working as an Internal Auditor for Coca-Cola HBC Greece, where I am responsible for performing effective audit procedures and risk assessments in key business activities of the organisation. Additionally, as a guest auditor I have actively participated in various audits performed at the entities of the holding company, Coca-Cola HBC AG. After graduation, I started working as a Financial Analyst for IBM, where I was responsible for co-ordinating and managing key financial measurements as well as regularly contributing to the company’s investment analysis and strategic planning with a view to improve its competitive position in the market. Finally, I am studying for the CIMA qualification in order to enhance my abilities and knowledge I acquired during my MSc in Accounting and Financial Management at Lancaster.

Dimitris: As the Founder and General Manager of the consulting firm, Marketing Ideas, I am assisting local companies to expand internationally and to achieve their goals through tailor-made marketing ideas. Depending on the business case and clients' needs, our team of qualifed associates offer international marketing services such as strategy development, market research and stakeholder analysis, corporate and product branding, export marketing, service and sales channels management, digital and social media services.  By collaborating with companies from various industries, we have been involved in several projects, mainly in Europe, Middle East and China. In addition, I am the full-time father of Athanasia, Nikos and Maria.

My best Lancaster memory

Nikolaos: I have many wonderful memories of Lancaster including the dinner parties at Graduate College, having fun with my friends at the Gradbar and the endless walks through Lancaster’s historic sites. By far my greatest memory was the farewell party organised for the students and staff of the department. At the time, I was elected as student representative and collaborated with the other programme reps to organise that major social event which was a huge success and helped me develop excellent relationships with my fellow students and professors. I remember everyone had a great evening socialising with the friends they had made during the course. The university’s professors gave some inspirational speeches and memorable gifts were exchanged by the students. By the evening’s end, everybody was laughing and talking; it turned into one incredible dinner party which later on continued at the city’s nightclubs.

Dimitris: Working in Edinburgh on the four month research project for Scottish & Courage Brands (SCB) under the academic supervision of Prof Robert Fildes. The forecasting project was entitled: "Examining price elasticity in the UK retail beer market".

What Lancaster means to me

Nikolaos: First of all, I gained invaluable knowledge on many of the fundamental principles of financial processes on my course at Lancaster University. It helped me to further progress my career within the financial industry and for that I am forever grateful. My degree stretched my interpersonal and team-working skills that have enabled me to deal effectively with challenging professional environments throughout my career. There is no doubt that studying at Lancaster has always been an important factor in determining my future success within the industry.

I also managed to make many friends from a broad range of cultures and nationalities. During this time I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people from various programmes, societies and colleges which gave me the invaluable opportunity to develop new personal skills including extensive cultural awareness, adapting to new situations and increased self-confidence. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with my admired and much-respected professors, who I reach out to even today when I need advice about professional situations. Studying at Lancaster has contributed to my personal and professional development and I am definitely going to revisit campus in the future.


Logic steps uniquely educated in putting (OR) theory into real-world practice.

Academic excellence of a top-rated university with worldwide reputation.

Nostalgia for endless campus walks and college life.

Charismatic teaching staff who, as both teachers and friends, guide, support and motivate you during the learning journey.

Architectural design of Ruskin library building.   

Synthesis of quality education, inspiring teaching, strong student life, beautiful campus and employability offered.

Thesis challenge is an exciting part of the organization-based research project.    

Enthusiastic about knowledge gained, inspiration received, lifetime friendships made.     

Rhapsody of nature were the sunrise views from Graduate College after long sleepless nights.  

Why I volunteer as an alumni group co-ordinator

Nikolaos: As part of the Greek alumni group, I would like the opportunity to interact with potential applicants and share my wonderful experiences and memories of Lancaster. I would also enjoy giving careers advice to current Lancaster students and recent graduates.

I truly believe that the establishment of a strong network of relationships between the Lancaster alumni in Greece can create invaluable opportunitites to help and be helped. It is both a chance to build relationships with new graduates and rekindle old friendships. Lancaster University helped me pave my way within the financial sector, and as such, I feel it's my obligation to play a part in the ongoing development of its alumni group in Greece. More importanly, within the local increasingly competitive job market a successful Lancaster alumni network can help its members further progress and build their careers and eventually achieve their professional goals. I believe that the role of group co-ordinator will allow me to create deep, long-lasting bonds with my fellow alumni, as well as a growing community of friends that all have one thing in common: a lifelong connection with Lancaster University.

Dimitris: My education in Lancaster had a life-changing impact.  Giving back to the University as an alumni volunteer, is a symbolic “thank you”. Through this role, a volunteer can contribute to the expansion of the University’s global reach as well as to the operation of its international network. In parallel, the active relationship - "informed & involved” status - between Lancaster and the network of almost 1,800 Greek alumni will benefit personally, academically, and professionally the former, current and prospective students.