Swiss Alumni (West) Group

Swiss Alumni (West) Coordinator: Jacqueline Burbridge Rainsley

Jacqueline organises social and networking events for Lancaster alumni in West Switzerland.

To receive invitations, please ensure that your address details on the alumni database indicate that you live in Switzerland. Update your details online (requires log on) or by emailing

To find out more about the group, please email Jacqueline

What I'm doing now

A former secondary school teacher of IT and Languages, PGCE Birmingham University 1999, I then moved to corporate IT Training. 

After a number of years in international companies, I now run my own business,, offering bespoke training, instructional design, and training management consultation.

 I particularly enjoy meeting a wide variety of people, and the challenge of an ever-changing environment

My best Lancaster memory

I cannot pick one, so here is a selection; picnics at the Ashton Memorial and baked potato parties with ‘corridor’ friends, cycling in the forest of Bowland, hugging folders while being blown along the campus spine on windy days, digging through all of the department dictionaries to find one word for a translation, Dr Ives’ support and patience, weekends in Scotland and the Lake District with the hiking and climbing clubs, the wonderful diverse people, staff and students.

What Lancaster means to me

 Lancaster meant living away from home, having time to learn and meeting interesting new people.

Why I volunteer as an alumni group co-ordinator

I recently did an interview for Lancashire radio.  It turned out that the other person being interviewed had been a first year when I was a fourth year, at the same university, in the same department!

We hit it off rather well!

I think it would be a pleasure to bring local Lancaster alumni together.