Manchester Alumni Group

Manchester Alumni Co-ordinators: Laura Barrowclough, Sally Jastrzebski-Lloyd and Chloe Themistocleous

Laura, Sally and Chloe organise social and networking events for Lancaster alumni in Manchester.

To receive invitations, please ensure that your address details on the alumni database indicate that you live in the UK. Update your details online (requires log on) or by emailing

To find out more about the group, please email Laura, Sally or Chloe on

What I'm doing now

Laura: I am a Chartered Town Planner working for a national planning consultancy based in Manchester.

Chloe: I am an Associate Solicitor at Eversheds Sutherland, an international law firm.  I work in the Manchester office and specialise in Employment Law.  I have experience acting for both companies and individuals in Employment Tribunal Litigation including claims for unfair dismissal, all types of discrimination and whistleblowing.  Having previously trained as a barrister, I enjoy conducting my own tribunal advocacy all over the UK.  I also enjoy undertaking no-contentious advisory work for businesses.

Sally:  I am the manager at Elizabeth Gaskell's House, the former home of the Victorian author, famous for writing North and South, Mary Barton and the first biography of Charlotte Bronte. I am responsible for running the house as visitor attraction, conference, events and wedding venue with a  team of paid staff and volunteers. 

My best Lancaster memory

Laura: Extravs! So many nights out during one week and celebrating the end of term with all my college and course friends.

Chloe: Being elected President of the amazing County College

Sally: I loved writing film reviews for Scan but my best memories (sadly not academic) are competing in Roses (1998) on the ballroom dancing team and dressing up as 'Steps' for Freshers Week 1999 and managing to find all our outfits from charity shops. 

What Lancaster means to me

Laura: A fantastic university with a great reputation that allowed me to gain a great degree and learn some very important life skills which have set me up well in my first few years after graduating.

Chloe: Lancaster was the first step on my career ladder.  It was a positive environment where I could thrive academically and make friends for life.  Lancaster is somewhere I will always have fond memories of.

Sally: An amazing university, city and student experience. I'm so proud to say that I went to Lancaster University.

Why I volunteer as an alumni group co-ordinator

Laura: To meet like-minded people who have shared similar experiences to me at Lancaster - it's always great getting to know new people and making new connections.

Chloe: In Manchester, through work or socialising, I regularly meet Lancaster alumni. The first question I ask or get asked is which college was I in? And the debate commences! People from Lancaster have common ground like no other and I think it is great to keep in touch and share opportunities and know how across various industries

Sally: After years of grumbling that there wasn't a northern/Manchester group I decided that I'd better do something about that. The experience of meeting alumni of all ages has been so enriching and interesting.