Brian Tempest

Volunteer Role: Chair of Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) Advisory Board

Brian has been Chair of the LUMS Advisory Board since 2009. The Board is made up of both external and internal representatives whose role is to review and advise on LUMS strategy and progress against plans.

Introducing our Volunteer

Born and brought up in Morecambe, Brian gained a PhD in Chemistry from Lancaster in 1971.

He describes himself as a global businessman, having been involved in setting up pharmaceutical companies in most countries of the world. Even now, in his official retirement, Brian is non-executive director of five Indian firms, each of which he visits six times per year, and edits the Journal of Generic Medicines, not to mention advising the UN and the WHO.

Now based in Haslemere, Surrey, he and his wife live and work on a 50-acre fruit tree farm. He describes his ideal day as working on "cerebral matters" like phone calls and writing in the morning, and driving a tractor or chopping wood in the afternoon.

Lancaster Memory        

Brian has fond memories of being part of the Chemistry department ‘polymer team’ as a student, and in particular them joining the golf-mad Professor John Bevington on the golf course.

Why Volunteer and what are the benefits?

Helping Lancaster University is about helping what Brian describes as ‘my own growth engine’ and he thrives on the energetic atmosphere: “I do it because it pays something back for my own education, but also because I feel I am helping improve the education of the wider business community. Ultimately, it’s about changing the world.”

He always combines meetings at Lancaster with a catch up with friends who formed part of Professor Bevington’s team during his student days, but enjoys the enthusiasm of the university meetings in themselves - whether it is talking about course content, construction plans or the Management School’s place in the world rankings.

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