Alumni Volunteer Roll of Honour

We would like to thank our alumni volunteers who help with various roles for the University. If you would like to get involved, email

More alumni volunteer lists appear on additional pages  - by surname I-P and by surname Q-Z

First Name Surname Volunteer Activity  First Lancaster Degree
Adedotun Abe Student Recruitment 2014
Amal Abou-Setta Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2016
Katie Adam Guest Speaker 2015
Kwabena Addo Student Recruitment 2013
Adekemi Adeseun Student Recruitment 2012
Roger Adey Careers Support 1979
Gifty Adjei-Mensah Student Recruitment 2015
Ankur Agrawal Careers Support 2003
Muddassir Ahmed Guest Speaker 2015
Keith Akehurst Careers Support 1979
Joanne Allday Careers Support 2002
Richard Alvin Careers Support  
Oluwafunke Amobi Advisory Boards 2008
Clare Amsel Guest Speaker 1979
Heather Andrew Careers Support 2007
Haikal Anggoro Alumni Group Co-ordinator, Student Recruitment 2014
Eleonora Antonovich Student Recruitment 2014
Emma Armitage Careers Support 2010
Chris Arundel Careers Support 1977
Susan Ashman Careers Support 1981
Moizzah Asif Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2014
Holly Aston Guest Speaker 2007
Lucy Atherton Guest Speaker 2011
Lucy Atkinson Careers Support 2011
Stephanie Atkinson Careers Support 1994
Lisa Atkinson Careers Support 2009
Lydia Atkinson Careers Support 2015
David Atkinson Guest Speaker 2006
Carol Atkinson Advisory Boards  
Toi (Sophia) Au Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2014
Oluwadolapo Bafunso Student Recruitment 2014
Frances Bagenal Guest Speaker 1976
Peter Bailey Careers Support 1970
Simon Bains Careers Support 1993
Alanna Baldacchino Student Recruitment 2013
Simona  Balinisteanu Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2011
Anthony Balko Careers Support 2013
Mohamed Bapu Careers Support 2011
Emma Barbera Careers Support 2011
Helen Barnes Careers Support 1998
Andrew Barnes Careers Support 1996
Daniel Barnett Careers Support 2005
David Barratt Careers Support 1983
David Barron Advisory Boards 1980
Jessica Barrow Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2009
Mike Bartholomäi Careers Support 2001
Susan Bassnett Advisory Boards 1975
Juan Bastos Student Recruitment 2013
Daniel Bateman Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2013
Angela Bathgate Careers Support 2005
Andrew Beale Entrepreneur in Residence 2016
Neil Bent Guest Speaker 1989
Alessandro Bettiol Student Recruitment 2015
Hannah Birkett Careers Support 2003
Thomas Bisson Careers Support 2000
Floriane Blot Alumni Group Co-ordinator, Student Recruitment 2008
Christian Bonington Guest Speaker, Advisory Boards 1983
Edwin J Booth DL Advisory Boards  
Gabriel Borges Student Recruitment 2007
Laurie Borlace Guest Speaker 2008
Damianos Boulakis Guest Speaker 2013
Ruth Boumphrey Advisory Boards 1990
Paul Bradley Guest Speaker 2001
Mark Branson Guest Speaker 1990
Stephen Brawley Careers Mentor 1971
Samantha Bridger Careers Support  2001
Paul Bristow Careers Support 2000
William Brooks Advisory Boards 1977
Claire Brown Careers Support 1987
Thomas Brown Guest Speaker 2012
Jodie Brumhead Careers Support 2015
Abbott Bryning Advisory Boards 2001 (Honoris Causa)
Hannah Buck Careers Support 2014
Rob Bullen Careers Support 1997
Martin Burn Guest Speaker 2013
Romain Burtin Guest Speaker 2014
Ruth Bushi Careers Support 1997
Richard Buxton Careers Support 2009
Charles Byrne Guest Speaker 2000
H Anthony (Tony) Cann Advisory Boards  
James R Carr Advisory Boards  
Celine Cartlidge Careers Support 2011
Shrinivas Chamarty Careers Support 2010
Abhirarm Chandrasen Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2015
William Charnley Advisory Boards 1983
Emmanouil Chatzithanasis Student Recruitment 2015
Mohammed Cheded Student Recruitment 2013
Mo (Claire) Chen Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2013
Perkins Chen Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2014
Mo Chen Student Recruitment 2013
Xiaohan Chen Student Recruitment 2014
Nianzeng Chen Student Recruitment 2014
XinQi Cheng Student Recruitment 2013
Wing Chin Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2014
Chutimon Chongsathien Student Recruitment 2014
Qingyuan Chu Careers Support 2005
Nicholas Churchill-Evans Guest Speaker 1994
Thomas Clarke Student Recruitment 2012
Philip Coatesworth Entrepreneur in Residence 2016
Michael Cole Guest Speaker 2011
Ioana-Raluca Coman Student Recruitment 2012
Rosanna Convoy Careers Support 2005
Emily Cooper Careers Support 2009
James Cornish Careers Support 2011
Allan Costa Guest Speaker 2003
Elizabeth Counsell Guest Speaker 2010
Niall Couper Guest Speaker 1994
Richard Cousins Advisory Boards 1981
Sallie Coventry Careers Support 1999
Robert J Cox Advisory Boards 1997
Laura Crossley Careers Support 2004
Lillian Croston Advisory Boards  
Stuart Cruickshank Careers Support 1975
Xinyue Cui Student Recruitment 2011
Fanny Cussac Student Recruitment 2009
Simon Danczuk Advisory Boards 1992
Tina Daniels Careers Support 2001
Barbara Daniels Advisory Boards, Guest Speaker 1986
Debra Davies Guest Speaker 2013
John P Davis Advisory Boards  
Johannes Deselaers Student Recruitment 2015
Kate DeVere-Smith Careers Support 2011
Fabio Dias Student Recruitment 2012
Charlotte Dickinson Careers Support 2012
Timothy Dishman Careers Support 1975
Tarek Diwany Careers Support 1985
Shan Dobinson Careers Support 1975
Ian Donaldson Careers Support 1994
Zhiguo Dong Student Recruitment 2014
Michael Dormer Advisory Boards 1972
Ivan Drakulic Guest Speaker 2013
John Drew Guest Speaker 1974
Roxanne D'Souza Careers Support 2007
Esther Dudek Guest Speaker 2008
Laura Duncan Guest Speaker 2010
Robert Dunkley Careers Support 2001
Kamran Durrani Careers Support 2009
Kathryn Durrant Advisory Boards 1988
Pamela Dyson Careers Support 1999
Pierre Ebner Careers Support 2007
Charlie Edwards Advisory Boards  
Reuben Edwards Advisory Boards 1994
Leonard Eggert Alumni Group Co-ordinator, Guest Speaker, Student Recruitment 2013
Hanna Ejaz Careers Support 2004
Shemmy Ekuwom Student Recruitment 2014
Soad El Beleidy Guest Speaker 2009
Vivian Enwelu Student Recruitment 2014
Mona Etiebet Student Recruitment 2013
Lauren Fairhurst Careers Support 2011
Damon Fairley Careers Support 2014
Mazen Fares Student Recruitment 2006
Martin Faulkner Careers Support 1977
David Finch Advisory Boards  
Ashley Fisher Guest Speaker 2013
Daniel Flanagan Careers Event 2015
Karen Forstot Guest Speaker 1996
Amy Fowler Careers Support 2008
Gary Foxcroft Careers Support & Guest Speaker, Advisory Boards 2004
Afra Franzkowiak Student Recruitment 2014
Gian Fulgoni Advisory Boards, Guest Speaker 1970
Xiaojie Gao Guest Speaker 2010
Yuanqianhui Gao Student Recruitment 2012
Ziyi Gao Student Recruitment 2014
Linda Garcia Pineda Student Recruitment 2012
Mark Gardiner Careers Support 2010
George Gardiner Advisory Boards 2011
Sarah Garlick Careers Support 2008
John Garside Advisory Boards  
Parth Gautam Alumni Group Co-ordinator, Student Recruitment 2012
Michael Geeleher Careers Support 2012
Roberta S (Bobby) Georghiou Advisory Boards  
Keith Gilert Careers Support 1987
Sarah Gledhill Student Recruitment 2012
Melvin Goergen Careers Support 2006
Jinu Gomez Student Recruitment 2014
Peter Goonajee Careers Support 2013
Gareth Gould Careers Support 1999
Ian Govendir Guest Speaker, Careers Support 1987
Daniel Grainger Careers Support 2004
Emma Gray Careers Support 2014
Damian Gray Guest Speaker 2014
Bryan Gray CBE DL Advisory Boards  
Brian Gregory Entrepreneur in Residence 2016
John Grime Careers Support 2002
Emily Groebner Student Recruitment 2002
Michael Groebner Student Recruitment 2002
Alasdair Grubb Careers Support 2011
David Guest Guest Speaker 2003
Alexander Hacker Student Recruitment 2012
Vivat Haetrakul Student Recruitment 2013
John Halligan Careers Support 1992
Kerstin Hammes Careers Support 2004
Lucy Hampson Careers Support 2013
Paul Hannah Careers Support 2012
Alison Hardwick Careers Support 2014
Damian Harniess Guest Speaker, Careers Support 2003
Myles Harrison Careers Support 2010
Gareth Harrison Careers Support 2013
Calum Hartley Careers Support 2010
Laura Hawes Guest Speaker 1990
Laura Hebblethwaite Careers Support 2009
Jean Helms Mills Alumni Local Contact 1991
Stanley Henig Advisory Boards  
Meghan Henselwood Student Recruitment, Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2011
Rainer Hersch Guest Speaker 1985
Nikki Hesford Guest Speaker 2009
Liz Hickingbotham Careers Support 1997
Monica Hidalgo-Munguia Student Recruitment 2001
Sam Hodges Guest Speaker 1999
Dan Hogan Advisory Boards 2008 
Kent Holden Entrepreneur in Residence 2016
Rob Holden Careers Support 1977
Jonathan Holland Student Recruitment 2011
Andrew  Hollingworth Careers Support 1984
Farideh Honary Advisory Boards  
Rebecca Hough Careers Support 2007
Kate Howard Careers Support 2012
Nigel Howard Guest Speaker 1987
James Howard Guest Speaker 1997
David Hoyle Careers Support 1998
Hou Chi Huang Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2014
Zhaoxian Huang Alumni Local Contact 2013
Zhihui Huang Student Recruitment 2015
Lukas Hufnagel Student Recruitment 2015
Joan Humble Advisory Boards  
Aban Hussain Careers Support 2009