Alumni Volunteer Roll of Honour (I-P)

We would like to thank our alumni volunteers who help with various roles for the University. If you would like to get involved, email

More alumni volunteer lists appear on additional pages - by surname A-H and by surname Q-Z

First Name Surname Volunteer Activity  First Lancaster Degree
Anwesh Jain Student Recruitment 2013
Rahul Jain Student Recruitment 2013
Lucy James Guest Speaker 1998
Simon James Guest Speaker 2015
Jia Jia Student Recruitment 2013
Jiangfan Jing Student Recruitment 2013
Kayleigh Johns Careers Support 2007
David Johnson Guest Speaker 1972
Jeffrey Johnson Guest Speaker, Advisory Boards 1980
Ian Johnson Advisory Boards  
Gordon Johnson Advisory Boards 2011 Honorary Fellow
Christopher Jones Careers Support 2006
Adam Jones Careers Support 2007
Laura Jones Careers Support 2011
Ravindra Joshi Alumni Group Co-ordinator 1998
Michael Joyce Careers Support 1986
Frank Judd Advisory Boards  
Sri  Kansal Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2015
Ping-Jen Kao Student Recruitment 2014
Steve Karanja Student Recruitment 2014
Tim Keeler Student Recruitment 2012
Claire Kelly Careers Support 2009
Alexander Kelly Guest Speaker 1992
Gareth Kennedy Careers Support 1999
Asaf Khan Careers Support 2003
Shafaq Khan Careers Support 2011
Laurence King Advisory Boards 1984
Christopher Kinsella Guest Speaker 1981
Victoria Kirby Careers Support, Guest Speaker 2006
David Kirkland Guest Speaker 2003
Gladys Kitony Student Recruitment 2014
Henry Klejdys Guest Speaker 1974
Sara Knowles Careers Support 1994
Christian Koeppel Student Recruitment 2013
Dimitrios Konstantinidis Student Recruitment 2012
Oleg Konstantinov Careers Support 2004
Weiwei Kou Student Recruitment 2012
Michalis Kourtidis Careers Support 1992
Vasiliki Koutsouri Guest Speaker 2012
Yusuf Mohammed Kovac Guest Speaker 2012
Julia Krier Careers Support 2007
Amy Krishnaswamy Alumni Group Co-ordinator, Advisory Boards 2001
Angelo Kumar Student Recruitment 2014
Sarah Laimo Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2003
Helen Lamont Guest Speaker 2008
Christopher Lattimore Careers Support 2011
Helen Laybourn Careers Support 2010
Dimitrios Lazaridis Student Recruitment 2014
David Leach Careers Support 2010
Stuart Leach Careers Support 1991
Dae-Euy Lee Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2004
Ronald Lee Careers Support 1992
JongHwa Lee Student Recruitment 2012
Suparoek Leesaen Student Recruitment 2014
Junhan Lei Student Recruitment 2013
Neil Lent Advisory Boards 1994
David Lewis Advisory Boards 1975
Danni Li Student Recruitment 2014
Ayla Lillevik Student Recruitment 2014
Marcus Lilley Guest Speaker 2010
Eng Lim Careers Support 2003
Elyta Lim Student Recruitment 2013
Diana Liminovic Guest Speaker 2010
Lido Linardis Student Recruitment 2014
Jane Lingham Guest Speaker 1998
Dimitrios Litsikakis Student Recruitment 2006
Danyang Liu Careers Support 2012
Shenghao Liu Student Recruitment 2012
Miguel Llanos Careers Support 2002
Helen Loftus Guest Speaker 2003
Prateek Lohia Student Recruitment 2012
Marina Loukaki Student Recruitment 2014
Sitthichoke Lowpinyosiri Student Recruitment 2007
Kuan Lu Student Recruitment 2015
Volha Lukashuk Student Recruitment 2011
Matt Macdonald Entrepreneur in Residence 2016
Jeffrey MacKenzie Student Recruitment 2012
Simon Maddan Careers Support 1992
Ellyse Maddocks Careers Support 2008
Dario Maglione Student Recruitment 2012
Tania Mahmoud Guest Speaker 2010
Stella Maina Student Recruitment 2013
Napat Makduangkaew Student Recruitment 2011
Ellah  Makuba Student Recruitment 2015
Muhammad Malik Student Recruitment 2014
Stephanie Manley Careers Support 2010
Chih-Wei Mao Student Recruitment 2014
Joanna Markowska Careers Support 2012
Tapas Marol Student Recruitment 2014
David Marshall Careers Mentor 1999
Victoria Marshall Careers Support 2009
Nick Marshall Advisory Boards  
Libby Martin Advisory Boards  
Sharon Mason Careers Support 1990
William Matthews Careers Support 2004
Michael Matthews Careers Support 1984
Tendayi Mazaiwana Guest Speaker 2012
Stuart McAdam Careers Support 1973
Mandy McCormack Careers Support 2013
Guy McEvoy Guest Speaker 1996
David McGovern Careers Support 2006
Paul McKenna Careers Support 1993
Eamon McLaughlin Advisory Boards  
Ross McLelland Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2010
Johannes Mehlem Student Recruitment 2012
Fabian Meinsen Careers Support 2004
Tammy Mellor Careers Support 2006
Victoria Metcalf Careers Support 2001
Kimon Mikroulis Guest Speaker 2013
Andrew Miller Guest Speaker 1997
Matthew Miller Entrepreneur in Residence 2016
David Mills Careers Support 2004
Pelagia Mita Student Recruitment 2012
James Mitchell Careers Support 1992
Mohit  Mittal Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2008
Oli Monks Entrepreneur in Residence 2016
Andrew Molineux Guest Speaker 2008
Lara Moloney Careers Support 2003
Stephen Moore Guest Speaker 2013
Ian Morgan Guest Speaker, Careers Support 2007
Maria Moriarty Eames Careers Support 2001
Richard Morrice Advisory Boards 1972
David Morris Careers Support, Guest Speaker 1998
Tom Morris Guest Speaker 2014
Luca Morrone Student Recruitment 2015
Jon Moulton Guest Speaker 1973
Avinash Nandwani Careers Support 2005
Akshayjit Narula Student Recruitment 2015
Jeerathida Narumitlert Student Recruitment 2013
Elliot Nash Guest Speaker 2013
Caio Natividade Guest Speaker 2002
Michael Nattrass Careers Event 2013
Nikolay Naumov Student Recruitment 2013
Richard Naylor Guest Speaker 1999
Kate Neil Careers Support 2013
Carys Nelkon Guest Speaker 2010
Ian Nelson Guest Speaker 1988
Prerona Neog Student Recruitment 2013
Warren Nettleford Guest Speaker 2003
Pauline Neville-Jones Advisory Boards  
Ian Newman Careers Support 1987
Jeffrey Ng Alumni Group Co-ordinator 1981
Julian Nichol Careers Support 1994
Emily Nicholls Student Recruitment 2013
Bette G Nichols Advisory Boards 2008
Markus Nisch Student Recruitment 2012
Benjamin Nottingham Careers Support 2008
Arne Nowak Student Recruitment 2014
Oluwadoyinsola Olaniyan Student Recruitment 2013
Joe O'Neill Advisory Boards  
Rosalia O'Reilly Advisory Boards 2012
Adwoa Owusu Student Recruitment 2013
Richard Page Guest Speaker 2006
Andika Pahlevi Student Recruitment 2014
Albert Palliparambil Student Recruitment 2014
Alex Palmer Careers Support 1998
Joanne Palmer Careers Support 1989
Parth Pamnani Careers Support 2009
Jiana Pan Student Recruitment 2013
Yunfei Pan Student Recruitment 2014
Wenqi Pan Student Recruitment 2013
Shraddha Panda Student Recruitment 2014
Stavros Pantos Student Recruitment 2014
Vasiliki Papou Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2010
Jonathan Parry Careers Support 2008
Joseph Payne Careers Support 2000
Michael Payne Advisory Boards 2008
Simon Pears Careers Support 1988
Timothy Pemberton Guest Speaker 1986
Yuantao Peng Student Recruitment 2012
Michael Penny Careers Support 1975
Tim Perkins Advisory Boards 2006
Victoria Peterkin Careers Support, Guest Speaker 2006
Robin Peters Guest Speaker 2011
Ian Peters MBE Advisory Boards 1980
Elena Petrosyan Student Recruitment 2015
Sanhaporn Phatratipakorn Student Recruitment 2013
Alex Phillips Guest Speaker 1991
Robert Pickersgill Careers Support 2006
Adrian Pickett Advisory Boards 1982
Julie Pilkington Careers Support 2001
Geoff  Piller Advisory Boards 1979
Desy Pirmasari Student Recruitment 2013
Mayank Podar Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2014
Don Porter Guest Speaker, Advisory Boards 1975
Roberto Portillo Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2011
Jonathan Powell Careers Support 2003
Himanish Praharaj Student Recruitment 2013
Deepu Prasad Student Recruitment 2014
David Preston Careers Support 2012
Jonathan Price Guest Speaker 1993
Colin  Proudfoot Careers Support 1981
Joel Pullan Careers Support 2013
Laurence Pullan Advisory Boards 2013