Alumni Volunteer Roll of Honour (Q-Z)

We would like to thank our alumni volunteers who help with various roles for the University. If you would like to get involved, email

More alumni volunteers lists appear on additional pages - by surname A-H and by surname I-P

First Name Surname Volunteer Activity  First Lancaster Degree
Jingyun Qiu Student Recruitment 2016
Jason Queally Guest Speaker 1992
Karl Rabe Student Recruitment 2014
Ranja Rakotomahanina Student Recruitment 2005
Leinar Ramos Hernandez Student Recruitment 2013
Thomas Reece Careers Support 2012
Ross Reynolds Careers Support 1970
Kevin Rhodes Careers Support 2014
Lito Rigopoulou Student Recruitment 2014
C Stuart Riley Advisory Boards  
Ella Ritchie Advisory Boards 1970
Jennifer Robbins Careers Support 2010
Jennifer Roberts Careers Support 2005
Kevin Roberts Guest Speaker  
Sasha-Kay Roberts Student Recruitment 2015
Julie Robertson Careers Support 2000
Michelle Robinson Careers Support 2008
Tim Roca Advisory Boards 2007
Ana Rocha de Oliveira Student Recruitment 2013
Geoffrey Rockliffe-King Careers Support 1969
Kaewta Rohitratana Student Recruitment 1998
Nawarat Romchampa Student Recruitment 2013
Paul Rosen Careers Support 2005
Paul Rowden Careers Support 2007
Kate Rowles Guest Speaker 2005
Kimberley Ryder Careers Support 2011
Ghina Safaoui Student Recruitment 2007
Nasser Salah Student Recruitment 2012
Muhammad Salim Student Recruitment 2010
Pichamon Sangdeejing Student Recruitment 2012
Sarith Sasidharan Careers Support 2010
Freyja Scarborough Careers Support 2013
Amy Scarisbrick Guest Speaker 2011
Daniel Schaaff Careers Support 2006
Andrea Schmetz Student Recruitment 2015
Helen Schofield Careers Support 2012
Kristian Scholfield Careers Support 2000
Stephanie Sdepanian Careers Support 2006
Vivian Segovia Barros Student Recruitment 2013
Bruce  Sewell Advisory Boards, Guest Speaker 1979
Persephone Sextou Careers Support 1992
Mohammad Shahidinejad Careers Support 2007
Peter Shanahan Careers Support 2013
Gaurav Sharan Student Recruitment 2014
Astha Sharma Student Recruitment 2015
Clair Shaw Careers Support 2007
Kevin Shaw Advisory Boards 1977
Elliot Shekell Student Recruitment 2012
Xiaoyan Shi Student Recruitment 2013
James Short Guest Speaker 2005
Petr Shportun Student Recruitment 2011
Bo (Andrew) Shu Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2011
Arooj Siddiqui Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2013
Eric Sim Guest Speaker 1997
Paul Simons Advisory Boards, Guest Speaker 1970
Mark Simpson Careers Support 1978
Jennifer Sims Guest Speaker 2011
Paul Smedley Careers Support 1981
Colin Smith Alumni Group Co-ordinator 1979
Adrian Smith Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2013
Christine Smith Careers Support 1975
Dawn Smith Careers Support 2004
Elanor Smith Careers Support 2003
Dan Smith Careers Support 2011
Jennifer Smith Guest Speaker 2012
Raymond Smith Guest Speaker 1992
Catherine J Smith Advisory Boards 2006
Ste Smith Advisory Boards  
Ben Sneddon Advisory Boards 2006
Chris Snow Careers Support 2006
David Snowden Guest Speaker 1975
Lebene Soga Student Recruitment 2012
Daniel Southall Careers Support 2010
Graham Sower Careers Support 1974
Nigel Sprunt Careers Support 1988
Toby Stanbrook Guest Speaker 2000
Laura Stanford Student Recruitment 2011
Lucy Steven Careers Support 2011
Clare Stewart Careers Support 2015
Adebukola Subair Student Recruitment 2014
Bavani Subramaniam Guest Speaker 2013
Xinzhou Sui Student Recruitment 2012
Rajasekar Sukumar Student Recruitment 2011
Philip Sumner Careers Support 2002
Ou Sun Advisory Boards 1999
Marisha Suri Guest Speaker 2013
Ryosuke Suzuki Guest Speaker 2001
Caroline Swift DBE Advisory Boards  
Georgina Sykes Guest Speaker 2014
Agnieszka Szafranska Careers Support 2014
Nahed Taher Advisory Boards 1998
Yuki Takahashi Student Recruitment 2014
Ellen Talbot Careers Support 2013
Vinay Talwar Careers Support 1992
Leila Tavendale Careers Support 2011
Emma Taylor Careers Support 2011
Joanne Taylor Careers Support 2010
Paul Taylor Guest Speaker 1983
Walter Taylor Student Recruitment 2012
Jane Taylor Advisory Boards  
Bill Taylor Advisory Boards 1973
Lord Taylor of Blackburn Advisory Boards  
Brian Tempest Advisory Boards 1971
Sarah Thomas Careers Support 2013
Harry Thomason Advisory Boards  
Matthew Thorley Careers Support 2013
Neil Thorogood Careers Support 1978
Katy Thorpe Careers Support 2009
Heidrun Thrainsdottir Kelly Student Recruitment 2013
Gengyun Tian Student Recruitment 2014
Matthew Tilling Guest Speaker 2011
Gregory Tilmant Guest Speaker 2006
Adina Timofei Careers Support 2008
Grzegorz Tomaszewicz Guest Speaker 2012
Lalisa Trakulpatomtiti Student Recruitment 2013
Petar Trendafilov Student Recruitment 2014
Tom Trezise Advisory Boards  
Amish Trivedi Student Recruitment 2016
Peri Turner Careers Support 2008
Karl Turner Careers Support 1993
Rick Turner Advisory Boards  
Soren Udby Student Recruitment 2015
Emmanuel Ugbodaga Careers Support 2013
Muhammad Umair Student Recruitment 2014
Chukwuemeka Uwom Student Recruitment 2015
Malhar Vadodaria Student Recruitment 2011
Ioannis Vaganof Alumni Group Co-ordinator, Student Recruitment 2014
Agusta Valgeirsdottir Student Recruitment 2014
Adrian Vann Advisory Boards 1978
Leon Vaughan Careers Support 2013
Simone Vause Careers Support 1995
Flavia Vintila Student Recruitment 2012
Samuel Wakama Student Recruitment 2015
Yumika Wakamoto Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2012
Gary Waller Advisory Boards 1967
Adrienne Wallman Careers Support 2018
Brendan Walsh Guest Speaker 1990
Ming Wan Careers Support 1997
Ellen  Wang Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2013
Sander Wang Alumni Group Co-ordinator 1999
Yang Wang Guest Speaker 2013
Jing Wang Guest Speaker 2011
Lijin Wang Student Recruitment 2014
Linzhu Wang Student Recruitment 2014
Frank Wareing Advisory Boards 1976
Paul K Warren Advisory Boards  
David Watson Careers Support, Guest Speaker 1998
David Watson Advisory Boards  
Gay Webb Advisory Boards 1968
Anna Webster Careers Support 2011
Jingyuan Wei Student Recruitment 2014
Ami Weir Careers Support 2014
Thiemo Werner Student Recruitment 2015
Caroline Whaley Guest Speaker 1995
Peter Whalley Careers Support 1967
Bibiana Wigley Careers Support 1990
Michael Wilkinson Careers Support 2002
Lucy Williams Careers Support 2000
Tom Williams Careers Support 2015
Alastair Williams Guest Speaker 1994
Carol Williamson Advisory Boards, Careers Support,  1970
Paul Winter Careers Support 2009
Gemala Wiradinta Student Recruitment 2014
Stefan Wood Careers Support 2001
Jason Wood Advisory Boards  
Xiaoxi Wu Student Recruitment 2014
Tai-Jung Wu Student Recruitment 2014
Rebecca Wullenweber Student Recruitment 2014
Min Xiao Student Recruitment 2012
Jin Xu Student Recruitment 2012
Wen Xue Student Recruitment 2013
Yang Yang Student Recruitment 2015
Seng Peow (Danny) Yap Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2011
Hui (Hervien) Yeung Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2014
Claire Yorke Careers Support 2005
Thomas Young Guest Speaker 2018
Valerie Young Advisory Boards  
Sherif Youssef Student Recruitment 2014
Mingji Yu Alumni Local Contact 2002
Juin Yuen Student Recruitment 2011
Anum Zafarullah Student Recruitment 2012
Xianjing Zeng Student Recruitment 2012
Huiying Zhang Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2012
Nan Zhang Alumni Group Co-ordinator 2012
Liangxi Zhang Student Recruitment 2012
Yuqing Zhang Student Recruitment 2014
Yuqing Zhang Student Recruitment 2014
Da Zhang Student Recruitment 2014
Haiyun Zheng Student Recruitment 2014
Jia Zheng Student Recruitment 2014
Hui Zheng Student Recruitment 2014
Radmila Zhivkova Student Recruitment 2012
Muyunshan Zhuang Student Recruitment 2012
Randall Zindler Advisory Boards 1999