Yuanqianhui (April) Gao

Volunteer Role: Applicant Contact

April has been part of the Management School’s ‘Contact a student’ scheme (formerly Alumni Advisers) since 2013. She is one of more than 120 volunteers willing to share their Lancaster experiences with applicants to LUMS’ postgraduate programmes. 

Introducing our Volunteer

April has always had an interest in marketing, an interest which led her to study on Lancaster’s MSc Advanced Marketing Management (AMM) programme in 2011. After graduating in 2012, April returned to China to work as Marketing Manager for UBM, promoting the world’s largest sourcing event for children's baby products. Following this, she entered the FMCG industry, working for Tinghsin International Group. She now works as a Junior Product Manager for Dr. Oetker, in Shanghai.

Lancaster Memory        

April really appreciated the group work experiences she had during her degree. She recalls how “the diversity of the AMM class allowed me to meet people of different personalities from all over the world and the group work let me understand how to collaborate with each one of them well.”

Why Volunteer and what are the benefits?

Having benefited from contact with previous AMM students herself, April is grateful for this and happy to help future students in the same way. She says “I think that having experienced life as a foreign student, I understand even more the demands, worries and expectations of others. When I see them wishing to go to a foreign land to make their dreams come true, I see me in them.”