Fancy a Lancaster souvenir? Choose from specially made Lancaster University jewellery from Eva London; a personalised alumni t-shirt or contact a college directly to see what goodies they have on sale!


Alumni T-Shirts

Personalised alumni T-Shirts with your own graduation year available to order for £15

LU Merchandise

Buy a range of your University goodies from our online shop


Beautiful graduation rings, cufflinks, tie pins and charms, specially made for us by Eva London.

Bowland College memorabilia

Buy Bowland College memorabilia online.

Bowland College

Cartmel College

Contact the Cartmel College administrator Cath Gorton for details on the range of Fylde memorabilia on sale.

County College memorabilia

Buy County College memorabilia online.

County College

Fylde College memorabilia

Contact the Fylde College administrator Sue Summers for details on the range of Fylde memorabilia on sale.

Grizedale College memorabilia

Contact the Grizedale College administrator Barbara Glass for details on the range of Grizedale memorabilia on sale.

Pendle College memorabilia

Contact the Pendle College administrator Jill Harpley for details on the range of Pendle memorabilia on sale.