Work Placements

Relevant work experience while you are at university is essential for achieving a good graduate job. We provide students with a number of opportunities to undertake a work placement both as part of and outside of your course.  

Many of the departments offer modules that include work placements, or provide students with the chance to apply skills in the workplace, some of these include:

CRIM301 Criminology Innovation
DELC216 Professional Contexts for Modern Languages
ENGL329 Culture, Heritage and Creative Industries: Work Placement
ENGL376 Schools Volunteering
CREW210 Writing For The Stage
HIST299 From Education to Employment
LICA201 LICA Work Placement 
LICA301 LICA Creative Enterprise
 LING319 Schools Volunteering
 PPR389 Communicating Politics
 PPR390 PPR in Education
SOCL361 Research Project by Placement

Many departments also offer schools volunteering modules (see department webpages) and also a year abroad option

We also offer extracurricular work placement opportunities through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Placement Scheme and voluntary internships working with NGOs, think tanks, charities and faith-based organisations through the Richardson Institute.