The Dukes Theatre

The Dukes is a theatre in Lancaster, Lancashire producing a variety of professional live theatre and also showing mainstream and cultural cinema screenings. The Dukes’ Creative Learning Department designs and delivers work for children, young people and the community in both formal, informal and developmental contexts.

Skill set required

  • Preferably studying for an arts degree
  • Experience (through work or study) of research/marketing/promotions
  • Ability to summarise information
  • A good working knowledge of IT
  • A working knowledge of video and image editing
  • A working knowledge of social media
  • Ability to work independently and to deadlines
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to present ideas in an easily accessible format   

Main Duties

  • Helped maintain the department’s digital output, including the website, email and social media campaigns, PowerPoint presentations and any other activity as it arises. 
  • Supported the marketing team in the creation and distribution of print.
  • Assisted with the administration of the organisation’s Friends and Patrons initiatives 
  • Assisted with the administration of audience survey feedback.
  • Supported the marketing activities of the organisation including assisting with engagement opportunities as they arise.
  • Helped create listings, advertisements and provide copy and production images as required for press use.
  • Carried out other reasonable duties in agreement with the Marketing Manager


The total cost for this placement was £3600 and this was partly funded by Santander SME Internship Programme and partly funded by Lancaster University and The Dukes

Company feedback

The most recent placement was with Matthew Aitchison, who also continues to work with the Dukes marketing department on a freelance basis. During his time at the Dukes he worked with the marketing department on the campaign for the summer park show Oliver Twist, gaining skills in writing for social media, creating press releases, and received customer service training. Matthew has had an excellent impact on the Dukes and we were extremely pleased with his work.

Student Feedback

I completed a 10 week full-time placement at The Dukes theatre, working within their team as a Marketing Assistant. This experience helped change my aspirations and has been invaluable when starting on my career path. One of the major challenges was managing a team to create a brand new Facebook group. This tested my ability as a leader in a business context, meaning it was incredibly gratifying to see its eventual success. The group continues to develop even now that I have left the theatre, giving me a real sense of contribution. The placement appealed to me as it provided new experiences that would help shape my career path. Having never worked in a marketing department before, the placement was the perfect opportunity to experience this type of work and help me decide whether to pursue it further. I am happy to say that following my experience at The Dukes, I have pursued a career in marketing after university. Having spoken about my placement at length in application forms and interviews, it has helped me secure a job for when I graduate from Lancaster. The placement scheme has been incredible for my long-term career progression, and I would recommend it to any student from any department or background.