'The Laws of Life: Ruskin and Cultural Value' Conference a great success.

Date: 5 July 2010

The Laws of Life: Ruskin and Cultural Value was a joint conference hosted by the Universities of Liverpool and Lancaster. Proceedings took place at Liverpool on the 18th June and Lancaster University on the 19th June. Successful keynote lectures were delivered by John Carey and Clive Wilmer, both being very well received. Papers in parallel sessions covered topics ranging from Higher Education to Political Economy to Literary Value. Speakers and delegates came from a range of academic backgrounds including Economics, Social Sciences and the Arts. This international conference had delegates from Germany, France, Korea, and the USA as well as from institutions across the UK.

The Laws of Life conference showed us once again just how diverse Ruskin can be across the academic field, and how one Nineteenth-Century figure is still relevant today across a multi-disciplinary subject area. We look forward to future collaborations with Liverpool and beyond.

The highest and first law of the universe - and the other name of life is, therefore, 'help'. The other name of death is 'separation.' Government and co-operation are in all things and eternally the laws of life. Anarchy and competition, eternally, and in all things, the laws of death. John Ruskin, Modern Painters, Vol. V, 1860

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Associated staff: Lauren Kenwright, Andrew Tate, Stephen Wildman

Associated departments and research centres: Ruskin Research Centre