John Ruskin: 150th Anniversary of Publications

Date: 5 July 2010

2010 marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Unto this Last, John Ruskin's revolutionary work on social justice and the political economy. This was the work which inspired Mahatma Gandhi to alter the course of his life, and to which many of the most successful and longest lasting social reforms of the 20th century can be traced. 2010 also marks the publication by Ruskin of the final Volume of his masterpiece, Modern Painters, a work which altered the course not only of art criticism, but of art itself. Both works remain of enduring importance. The events, exhibitions and publications of 2010 will explore the continuing relevance of Ruskin's most challenging ideas. Please go to the link below for further information.

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Associated staff: Lauren Kenwright, Andrew Tate, Stephen Wildman

Associated departments and research centres: Ruskin Research Centre