Bob Jessop delivers Keynote Address

Date: 30 September 2010

Professor Bob Jessop (Sociology) gave the opening keynote address at an International Symposium on "The Regulation of Competition: The Case of Asian Capitalism" in Dublin on 30 September.

The symposium was co-convened by the Asia Pacific Business Group, Department of Business, Law and Taxation, Monash University, Melbourne Australia and University College Dublin School of Law, Dublin, Ireland. His topic was "Varieties of Capitalism and their Legal Regulation, Variegated Capitalism and its Meta-Governance".

At the same symposium, Dr Ngai-Ling Sum (Politics, Philosophy, Religion) delivered a paper on 'The Cultural Political Economy of Competitiveness and Competition Law in Asia', drawing on her own work and the approach being developed at the Cultural Political Economy Research Centre, Lancaster.

Next week he will be giving a plenary lecture at the German Sociological Association Annual Conference (Frankfurt) and an invited paper at a World Bank meeting in Budapest.

Both papers derive from his current ESRC research professorship.


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