AHRC Networking Grant

Date: 11 March 2011

FASS's interdisciplinary group Dynamics of Memories has been awarded a £24,859 Research Networking Grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council for their work on 'Battlegrounds of Memory and Justice'. One of the aims of the grant is to consolidate the group into the leading research centre in North West England on the politics of memory, with special focus on justice and human rights. The Research Group will invite academics and non-academics to participate in workshops and seminars which they will be hosting from September 2011.

Departments involved are: History, Law and Linguistics. Anybody interested in finding out more about the group, or wishing to take part in the events, please check our website, email us at dom@lancaster.ac.uk or contact any member of the group: Mercedes Camino, Principal Investigator (History), David Sugarman, Co-Investigator (Law), Patrick Hagopian (History), Agata Fijalkowski (Law), Corinna Peniston-Bird (History), David Seymour (Law), John Strachan (History), John Welshman (History) and Ruth Wodak (Linguistics) (http://www.lancs.ac.uk/fass/groups/dynamicsofmemories/people).


Further information

Associated staff: Agata Fijalkowski, Patrick Hagopian, Corinna Peniston-Bird, David M. Seymour, John Strachan, David Sugarman, John Welshman, Ruth Wodak

Associated departments and research centres: Dynamics of Memories, History, Law, Linguistics and English Language