Department of European Languages & Cultures holds a highly successful multilingual Litfest

Date: 30 March 2011

LitFest 2011

On the afternoon of Wednesday 9 March DELC'S Resource Centre in Bowland North hosted its second multilingual Departmental Litfest.

From 2.15 to 5.30 students and staff read out their favourite pieces of foreign literature, giving British students the chance to discover writers previously unknown to them, and Lancaster's international students the opportunity to showcase their national cultures.

Texts were read in Spanish, French, Catalan, Italian, German, with English translations, and ranged from classics old and modern such as Petrarcha and Pablo Neruda to more contemporary pieces by the likes of Joan Margarit and GŁnther Grass. The afternoon culminated in a brief reading and a talk by Catalan author Joan-Daniel Bezsonoff.

The event, an initiative of DELC's German Academic Exchange Service Lektorin Judith Menzel, and organised by her with support from Maria Pujol-Valls (Catalan) and other lectors, was open to literature aficionados across campus as well as from the wider community.


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