Lawyers Aware Competition

Date: 31 March 2011

Closing ceremony of the Lawyers Aware competition: Shire Hall, Lancaster Castle, 31st March 2010

The Law School was pleased to be represented at the closing ceremony of the Lawyer's Aware competition by Dr James Marshall, Mr Philip Lawton and Dr Bela Chatterjee. The competition involved groups of students developing business and commercial awareness through a complex multi-party negotiation exercise. Throughout the exercise, participants were encouraged to think beyond legal solutions and consider the wider commercial implications of their actions, whilst practicing negotiation and team-working skills. The exercise was independently judged and all teams performed excellently. Dr Chatterjee, in giving a speech on the need for such skills in the legal profession, emphasised that future lawyers had to engage with the new commercial realities of their profession, and that the Lawyers Aware project provided an excellent training ground. The Law School warmly congratulates all the participants and looks forward to assisting with future cycles of the competition.


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