New Book Forthcoming: The Spirit of Design by Stuart Walker

Date: 23 June 2011

Stuart Walker's new book, 'The Spirit of Design - objects, environment and meaning' demonstrates how practice-based research can be used to reconceptualise our material culture - to not only be more sustainable but also to be more meaningful. Imaginative design will be a crucial factor in enacting sustainability in people's daily lives,yet current design practice is trapped in consumerist cycles of innovation and production, making it difficult to imagine how we might develop a more meaningful and sustainable rendition of material culture. The Spirit of Design's explorations of localization, human meaning and functional objects yield a compelling, constructive and essentially hopeful direction for the future - one that radically re-imagines material culture by meshing mass-production with individuality, products with place, and utilitarian benefit with environmental responsibility.

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Associated departments and research centres: ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts