PhDs at CSEC

Date: 13 October 2011

Niklas Hartmann, previously a graduate student on the MA Society, Technology and Nature (Environment Pathway) in the Sociology Department, has been awarded a Lancaster University Faculty of Science scholarship to carry out a PhD thatwill be supervised acrossthe Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC)and the Sociology Department. The title of his proposed thesis is, 'Ecosystem Services - studying how a concept transforms ecological theory, research practice and human-environment relations'. This is a highly topical research issue and Niklas intends to do STS informed ethnographic study, following the work of ecologists in both the UK and Germany who are taking up the theory and practice of 'Ecosystems Services' in their day to day research. Claire Waterton (CSEC, Sociology), Rebecca Ellis (LEC) and Richard Bardgett (LEC) are all excited to supervise this timely project as the concept of 'Ecosystems Services' begins to have real influence in ecology, economics and policy making.


Further information

Associated departments and research centres: Centre for the Study of Environmental Change, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Lancaster Environment Centre, Sociology