Allyson Fiddler speaking at University of Leuven conference

Date: 31 March 2014

Allyson will give a paper entitled, 'Tu felix Austria: protest! Or, Cultural Resistance and Everyday Protest in Contemporary Austria' at an international conference at Leuven University. The conference (8-10 May 2014)describes its brief as follows:

The three-day international conference 'Performing Protest. Re-Imagining the Good Life in Times of Crisis' draws attention to protest movements, activist arts (literature, film, performance, theatre, visual arts), theoretical considerations of protest, and the dynamic interaction between them. It discusses these modes of engagement with a special focus on artistic practices that imagine social wellbeing and respond to the experience of political disempowerment and democratic dysfunctionality. Fostering dialogue between scholars, arts performers and political activists it questions the extent to which artistic practice opens up new forms of protest and articulates new models of democratic participation while also testing their viability in virtual concretization. (conference website)

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Associated staff: Allyson Fiddler

Associated departments and research centres: European Languages and Cultures

Keywords: Austria, Contemporary popular culture, Culture and media, Everyday life culture, German language, culture and society, Political culture , Popular culture, Subculture, Visual culture