Keith Soothill

Date: 14 March 2014

The University regrets to report the death of Emeritus Professor Keith Soothill, who died on Wednesday 12 February, aged 72 following a stroke.

Keith Soothill, B.A. Exeter, Ph.D. London, came to Lancaster as a part-time lecturer in Sociology on 1 September 1973, and subsequently became a senior lecturer. His research interests were in the sociology of deviant behaviour, medical sociology, and the sociology of sport. When the Department of Social Administration was set up in 1974, he played a part in its Centre for Youth, Crime and Community. He was made a professor of social research at the end of the 80s and his inaugural lecture, on 21 April 1993, was entitled "Sex Crimes: Changing Patterns of Social Response". After Social Administration became Applied Social Science in 1989, he became its second head of department in 1991. He was made a professor emeritus on 1 September 2006. Keith is survived by his wife Jennifer, son Anthony, daughter Debbie and his much loved grandchildren, Iván, Tom and Joe.

Colleagues are welcome to attend the funeral which will be held at Lancaster and Morecambe Crematorium at 2.45pm on Friday 21 February. Charitable donations to causes Keith supported can be made via the funeral directors Preston Ireland Bowker (01524 64023).

The following words have been submitted by colleagues and friends of Keith:

'Keith was a much loved former Criminology colleague, and was widely known and universally respected. A former Head of the Department of Applied Social Science, as well as Sociology, he had most recently worked in Maths and Statistics in the years since his retirement. Keith was a leading member of a generation of criminologists committed to social justice. He was one of those rare colleagues whose work transcended disciplinary tribalism. He could have worked in most of the departments in the social sciences. His sense of humour and considerable intellect will remain in our memory. The University owes an immense debt to our friend, teacher and colleague, Keith Soothill. He will be very sadly missed.'

To read the obituary written for Keith please see the link attached.

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