The Barrow Rapture

Date: 2 April 2014

Jenn Ashworth and Brian Baker have been awarded a University Early Career Grant worth £3,600 for their 'Barrow Rapture' project.

The Barrow Rapture is a hypertext, geo-located narrative mounted on the web (to be published in December 2014). It will be the result of a collaboration between writers, a sisual artist, their readers and the geography/psycho-geographies of the town of Barrow.

Jenn, Brian and their collaborators will use the writing process to look at writing in real time; how plot can spring from geography and topography; what happens when readers, as well as writers, have agency over a narrative; representation of time, space and choice in prose fiction and questions around property, process, access and authorship.

Will it be a novel, a wiki, a game or an essay? Work will begin on the project in April 2014.


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Associated departments and research centres: English and Creative Writing