Further Call for Papers: Conference on 21st Century Borders: Territorial Conflict and Dispute Resolu

Date: 28 April 2014

21st Century borders are coming under increasing strain with shifting balances of international power. This was seen most dramatically in the recent Russian annexation of the Crimea, but also in continuing tensions in East Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. This conference, organised by the Centre for International Law and Human Rights at Lancaster University Law School will explore the causes and dynamics of contemporary territorial disputes as well as mechanisms to resolve them.

Building on our initial call for papers, we welcome abstracts for papers of no more than one page from both established researchers and early career academics on the themes of: critical perspectives on uti possidetis; the concept of the "border" in light of new technologies and transnational structures; historical and cultural perspectives on international borders; borders and international economic and environmental law; institutional mechanisms for territorial dispute settlement; and secession and borders.

Please send your proposals to Dr. James Summers j.summers@lancaster.ac.uk. The deadline for abstracts is Wednesday 7th May 2014.


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Associated departments and research centres: CILHR Centre for International Law and Human Rights, Law