Judit Kormos features in lecture series on the effects of dyslexia on foreign language learning

Date: 21 May 2014

Pearson Education has released a new video lecture series on dyslexia and foreign language learning on YouTube. Dr. Judit Kormos features in the first video of the series and discusses the psychological effects of dyslexia on the processes of foreign language learning.

Effect of Dyslexia on Foreign Language Learning

Dr. Judit Kormos, Reader in Second Language Acquisition at the Lancaster University (UK), explains how to help dyslexic students that have "learning differences" when it comes to acquiring a foreign language - English. A small obstacle can seem like a big hurdle for these students, and teachers must show them how to jump over these hurdles and alter the racing track for them. In the end, the chances they will give up will be smaller and dyslexic language learners can reach the finish line alongside their other classmates.



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