Lancaster Fine Art Graduate Shorlisted in International Print Biennale

Date: 14 July 2014

The work of Lancaster Fine Art Graduate and visiting tutor, Emma Hunter, has been shortlisted for a prize in the International Print Biennale. As the centepiece of the International Print Biennale, the 2014 Print Awards celebrates the best of current printmaking.

Her shortlisted work, Solve et Coagula, is part of Stream - a Wellcome Trust-funded collaboration with Dr Phillip Kilner and rb&hArts. The Stream project is researching the formation of the human heart in the womb, a phenomena which remains an enigma to medical researchers. Hunter uses low-tech, camera-less photographic process is a method of 'painting with light' to create a painting/drawing/photogram hybrid, which echoes medical imaging of the interior landscape of the body. The cyanotypes are created from drawings, which amalgamate suminagashi (a Japanese term translated as 'ink floated on water') with medical illustration, poetically re-imagining the emerging muscle structure as a form, which flickers between solidity and fluidity. The work is currently on show in the International Print Biennale Exhibition at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle.

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