Cheerio, Marmalade - Corpus Linguistics in the News

Date: 26 August 2014

Research on the Spoken British Corpus for 2014, led by Professor Tony McEnery from the Department of Linguistics and English Language, has featured widely in the news today.

Coverage of this research, which documents the fall and rise in popularity of words found in everyday conversation, has appeared inseveral sources including the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror and the China Times. Members of the project team have also been interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live and on the Irish national radio station, Today FM

Changes in technology and attitudes are described as the main factors behind these changes in what we talk about, which show us including more Americanisms and references to companies such as Facebook in our speech.

It also appears that, whilst we still discuss cats as much as we ever did, we no longer refer to them as 'pussy cats'. We seem to have gone off marmalade too.


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