New Report available: The Impact of Person Centred Planning for People with Intellectual Disabilitie

Date: 11 September 2007

A new report by Janet Robertson, Eric Emerson, Chris Hatton & Johan Elliott from the Institute for Health Research lookingentitled 'TheImpact of Person Centred Planning for People with Intellectual Disabilities in England: A Summary of Findings (2007)' is now available from the IHR website.

In England person centred planning is central the Government's strategy for the development and delivery of health and social care services for people with intellectual disabilities (Valuing People; Department of Health, 2001).

Despite this, there has been little evidence regarding the impact of introducing PCP or of those factors which may either facilitate or impede the introduction and effectiveness of PCP (Robertson & Emerson in press; Robertson et al 2006). However, recently in England a longitudinal study of the impact of PCP for people with intellectual disabilities has been completed and the results presented in a series of publications (Robertson et al 2005; 2006; 2007; in press).

This report presents a synthesis of the main findings presented in these publications. The areas considered in this synthesis are: the impact of PCP on the life experiences of people with intellectual disabilities; predictors of the success of PCP; reported barriers to the implementation of PCP; and the direct and indirect costs of PCP.


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Associated staff: Eric Emerson, Chris Hatton, Janet Robertson

Associated departments and research centres: Division of Health Research

Keyword: Intellectual disabilities