New Literacy Research Centre Publication

Date: 23 October 2007

Candice Satchwell and Roz Ivanic, 'The textuality of learning contexts in UK colleges', in Pedagogy, Culture & Society, Vol. 15, No. 3, October 2007, pp. 303-316, Routledge

A significant aspect of learning contexts is the way in which semiotic artefacts mediate learning within them. This article reports on the Literacies for Learning in Further Education (LfLFE) project in the UK, which has researched the role of texts and associated communicative practices in constructing and mediating teaching and learning; shaping communities; constructing and sustaining relationships; and helping students to achieve their goals. A particular aim of the project has been to identify ways in which people can bring literacy practices from one context into another to act as resources for learning in the new context. In particular, this refers to literacy practices from students' everyday lives being brought to bear in a formal educational context of Further Education (FE) colleges. In this article, we explain what we mean by 'literacy practices', demonstrate the textuality of learning contexts through examples from contrasting curriculum areas, and show how learning can be enhanced by mobilising literacy practices from one context to another. To order a copy go to the Informoworld website.


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Associated staff: Roz Ivanic, Candice Satchwell

Associated departments and research centres: Lancaster Literacy Research Centre, Linguistics and English Language

Keyword: Literacy