News from the Head of Department

Date: 1 August 2007

As always, we like to hear from our graduates about the progress of their careers, especially because such progress is crucially important to the continuing vitality of the Department of History.

In the meantime, however, you might like to know that the Department is entering a period of rapid change. Long-standing members such as Michael Mullett and Peter Harman are about to retire, and we will be seeking to replace not just them, but also more junior colleagues such as Thomas Dixon, who has just left us for Queen Mary and Westfield College. At the same, we welcome our newest colleagues Andrew Cambers, Alison Kay and John Strachan. This said, it is not only our staff that is changing, but also our teaching. Our applicants are no longer satisfied by the three-subject Part I course, wishing to study more history during their first year, so we are developing a new, double Part I course, which will take effect from October 2008. In so doing, we demonstrate once again how seriously we take our mission to teach. At the same time, we have spent the past few years strengthening our reputation for excellence in historical research, and now await with bated breath the results of the latest Research Assessment Exercise.

For more detailed information, please explore our other web pages and also visit the University's Alumni Page. What is your news?

Paolo Palladino

September 2007


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