Conference on Thinking about the Sex/Gender Distinction

Date: 8 February 2008

A one-day conference on Thinking About the Sex/Gender Distinction was held by the Philosophy Department in February, with support from the Royal Institute for Philosophy. Four excellent papers were given by Professor Jennifer Saul (Sheffield), Professor Kathleen Lennon (Hull) Stella Sandford (Middlesex), and Dr Mari Mikkola (Stirling) considered were: the meaning of the term 'woman'; the relation between gender and the body; the concept of sex in Plato's philosophy; and puzzles about the sense in which women can be said to 'really' exist. The event was very well attended with up to 50 people present, from a range of disciplines and institutions across the country. A concluding roundtable with contributions from Dr Gillian Howie (Liverpool), Dr Celia Roberts (Sociology, Lancaster) and Dr Rosemary Betterton (Lancaster) reflected on issues raised by the papers and broadened the discussion out to include perspectives from other disciplines. A notable feature of the conference was the way in which the papers crossed over the boundaries between 'continental' and 'analytic' philosophy.


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Associated staff: Alison Stone

Associated departments and research centres: Philosophy