New issue of Empirical Text and Culture Research

Date: 18 February 2008

Volume 3 of Empirical Text and Culture Research, the first under the new editorship of Dr Andrew Wilson (Linguistics and English Language), was published recently.


János László, Bea Ehmann, Tibor Pólya, Bernadette Péley

Narrative psychology as science

Bea Ehmann, Vera Garami, Mátyás Naszódi, Balázs Kis, János László

Subjective time experience: Identifying psychological correlates by narrative psychological content analysis

Rita Hargitai, Mátyás Naszódi, Balázs Kis, László Nagy, Adrien Bóna, János László

Linguistic markers of depressive dynamics in self-narratives: Negation and self-reference

Melinda Pohárnok, Mátyás Naszódi, Balázs Kis, László Nagy, Adrien Bóna, János László

Exploring the spatial organization of interpersonal relations by means of computational linguistic analysis

Tibor Pólya, Balázs Kis, Mátyás Naszódi, János László

Narrative perspective and the emotion regulation of a narrating person

Orsolya Vincze, Judit Tóth, János László

Representations of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in the history books of the two nations

Derek Gatherer

Voting in Eurovision: Shared tastes or cultural epidemic?

Rita Hargitai

The Szondi test: theory and practice

Francesca Bianchi

The cultural profile of a chocolate in current Italian society: a corpus-based pilot study

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Associated staff: Andrew Wilson

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