Publication of an edited volume on language learners with special needs

Date: 18th July 2008


An International Perspective

Edited by Judit Kormos (Lancaster University) and Edit H. Kontra (Eötvös Loránd University)

This book provides new and important insights into the subject of language learners with special needs from a number of perspectives, especially on topics related to learners' personal experiences of language learning. People with special needs are given a 'voice' which is imperative and very worthwhile, reflecting current approaches to understanding so-called "impairment" or "difference" in many other fields of study.

Irene Walsh, Dept of Clinical Speech & Language Studies, Trinity College Dublin

This book provides an overview of topics related to the language learning processes of learners with special needs including students with learning disabilities as well as Deaf language learners and methods of teaching foreign languages to them. The chapters written by authors in a wide variety of educational settings discuss individual learner characteristics and profiles, diagnosis and assessment issues and instructional programs.

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