Interview on TW1 and SAT3

Date: 31 July 2008

The programme 'Science and Discovery' (Wissenschaft und Entdecken) interviewed Ruth on her current research (about 'politics as usual'). This was broadcast July 31, 2008, on channelns TW1 and SAT3. The interview can be downlaoded on

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This item was reported in: TW1, SAT3 on 31/07/2008


Further information

Associated staff: Ruth Wodak

Associated projects: DYLAN: Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity EU-Sixth-Framework Integrated Project (IP)

Associated departments and research centres: Discourse-Politics-Identity, Dynamics of Memories, Language, Ideology and Power Group (LIP), Linguistics and English Language

Keywords: Discourse analysis, Ethnography, European identity, European Union law