GlobE 2008 Conference

Date: 18 September 2008

Ruth Wodak is opening keynote speaker at the GlobE 2008 Conference in Warsaw, Poland.

She will lecture on ' Communicating Europe': Analysing, interpreting, and understanding multilingualism and the discursive construction of transnational identities'. Apart from this plenary, she will also participate in a panel discussion on 'Different Approaches to Discourse Analysis'.

Michal Krzyzanowski will also give a lecture at this conference, on Language Ideologies in/and the Media.

Both lectures are related to our researchin the DYLAN project.


Further information

Associated staff: Michal Krzyzanowski, Ruth Wodak

Associated projects: Discourse - Politics - Identity' Research Cluster,DYLAN: Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity EU-Sixth-Framework Integrated Project (IP)

Associated departments and research centres: Linguistics and English Language