Drew Hemment opens Futurity Long Conversation

Date: 5 February 2010

Drew Hemment

ImaginationLancaster's Drew Hemment is opening and closing the Futurity Long Conversation at transmediale.10 in Berlin on Friday 5 February.

The Futurity Long Conversation, a 9-hour relay of one-to-one conversations, brings 21 leading artists, designers, theorists, journalists and media interventionists together to discuss, contextualise and explore a multiplicity of utopias, projects and technologies crucial for the ways in which we conceive the future today. It remains open which turns these dialogues will ultimately take - just as the future itself always eludes our grasp. The processual character of the event creates a framework which allows to experience future without predicting it. With the dialogue thus unfolding as an aesthetic, analytical and collaborative process it establishes an open space in which the audience can wander about freely between the disciplines of art, science and ecomony. The event questions the predominant way in which 'future' finds its cultural roots at a point in history where the convergence of media technologies, communication mobility and means of simultaneity eclipse the 20th century rhetoric of the future.

News website: http://www.transmediale.de/en/futurity-long-conversation


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Associated departments and research centres: ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts