FASS519 Presenting Conference Papers

Module description

This course will be of particular interest to those who are about to present a conference paper for the first time. These two half-day sessions will take you through the cycle of writing conference papers, their presentation and possible publication. Both sessions include active participation in small groups. For the first session, it would be useful if students could bring along examples of specific conferences they are planning to attend and 'Calls for Papers' since one of the ('homework') exercises will be to write a conference abstract. (If you do not have any conference appearances yet planned, please identify an upcoming conference in your field and imagine that you are presenting at it). In the second session, those students who wish to do so will have the opportunity to present a short (10 minute) paper (extracted from a forthcoming conference presentation) in order that the group as a whole may reflect upon the different presentational options available. Although this may sound daunting, the discussion is invariably constructive for both the presenter and the other members of the group. 

NB There is an expectation that students will attend BOTH sessions even if they are not presenting a paper at the second session themselves.  As well as being a courtesy to the group as a whole, participants are reminded that the second session is an excellent opportunity to observe different presentation skills and they will be expected  to provide constructive feedback  (in the form of an anonymous questionnaire) on the presentations.  The module is also offered by distance learning (FASS519d).

Some materials / handouts may be made available on the VLE in advance of the module; instructions on how to access them will be mailed to participants a week or two before the module is due to run.

Timing and Location




12/03/18 - 19/03/18

Number of sessions:

2 x 3 hour sessions

Timing and Location:

Mondays, Weeks 19-20, 10.00-1.00, Charles Carter A19


Additional information 

Minimum quota: 6