FASS522L Ethics Approval: How to Write a Successful Application to the Research Ethics Committee - Cohort 2

This module is offered in two cohorts, one in Michaelmas Term and one in Lent Term – you should register for only one of these.

Module description

This is a short hands-on course to help you get ethics approval for your research. The module starts with a brief introduction to some of the ethical issues researchers in social sciences and humanities have to deal with in the process of designing and undertaking their research. The main focus of the module will be to understand the ethics approval process at Lancaster University and to help participants write their ethics applications. Beginning in the first session, we will look at each participant’s study and the ethical issues you will need to cover in your applications. Between the first and the second session, you will draft your application. In the second session, we will work on your applications together and discuss concerns and difficulties that may have arisen when writing the application.

In preparation for this module, please familiarize yourself with the ethics information available on the Faculty’s ethics page: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/arts-and-social-sciences/research/ethics-guidance-and-ethics-review-process/

Aims and objectives

  • To raise awareness of ethical issues in arts and social research    
  • To help students with the ethics approval process


Please note that this module is designed for students who are in the process of applying for ethics review, who are willing to work on their application while taking the module and who are happy to share their draft applications with others in class.

Timing and Location





Number of sessions:

2 x 2 hour sessions

Timing and Location:



Additional information

Minimum quota: 6