FASS611d Ethnography (distance learning)

Module description

This short e-learning module offers an introduction to the theory and practice of ethnography. We will consider the history of ethnography and the principles that underpin it. We will look at different ways in which ethnography is used by researchers from disciplines such as anthropology, education, sociology and others. The second part of the module will focus on participant observation, widely regarded as the core method used by ethnographers. We will talk about issues such as access, building rapport, reflexivity, field notes and the ethnographer’s position in the field.

As part of the module, you will be able to watch two short recorded lectures on ethnography. Taking part in the module, however, also requires your active contribution. You will be expected not only to watch the videos and read the background materials, but to ‘talk’ to your tutor and fellow students online, via an asynchronous discussion forum. You will be asked to respond to questions and to carry out a brief example of participant observation and to report on your experience online.

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26/02/18 - 16/03/18

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online distance learning


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Minimum quota: 5