FASS620 Advanced Thesis Writing (Final Year Students only): Towards Completion

Module description

This course is workshop-based, and is aimed at students in their third/final year (or equivalent for part-time students). 

The module takes the form of 4 sessions:

  • Case-study: 'Rachel's Story' (things that can go wrong and how to respond to them)
  • Trouble-shooting exercise (participants identify their own most pressing obstacles)
  • Towards the Final Draft (a close look at the final drafting/re-drafting process)
  • Countdown to Completion (the final six months: things you need to prepare for as you approach your final deadline).

The 'case-studies' and other hand-outs will be made available on the VLE in advance of the course and participants will be requested to print them off and bring them along. Instructions on how to access the VLE will be circulated a week or two in advance of the course.

Timing and Location





Number of sessions:

1 x 3 hour session and 1 x 2 hour session

Timing and Location:

Friday, week 19,

10.00-1.00  Management School Lecture Theatre 07

3.00-5.00   Management School Lecture Theatre 09


Additional information

For 3rd/final year full-time students, and part-time students at the equivalent stage ONLY

Minimum quota: 6