FASS628 Interdisciplinarity

Module description

This session will offer an overview of key issues involved in working across, between or within multiple disciplines. This seminar will be relevant if your work spans multiple disciplines or if you merely touch upon other disciplines in your reading. We will discuss some writings on interdisciplinarity and try to answer questions such as: what makes good interdisciplinary work? How does working across disciplines affect who reads my work and my future academic career? What are the benefits of interdisciplinary work? What are the difficulties and risks of interdisciplinary work?

Aims and objectives

  • Introducing key debates about inter, multi- and cross-disciplinarity.      
  • Discussion of a selection of theoretical extracts to develop students' knowledge of and critical engagement with interdisciplinarity.
  • An opportunity for students to explore the implications of working across disciplines.

Reading list

Course participants will be provided with a set of extracts in advance of the seminar and at the seminar students will receive an indicative reading list.

Timing and Location





Number of sessions:

1 x 3 hour session

Timing and Location:

Friday, week 17, 10.00-1.00, Physics C036


Additional information

Minimum quota: 6

Maximum quota: 25