FASS641: Career Planning for FASS PGR students

Educational Aims

This series of professional development workshops aims to develop core skills and knowledge needed to increase the employability of FASS PGR students as outlined in Section B3 of the Vitae RDF.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshops students will have explored many aspects of Section B3 of the Vitae RDF and will:

  • Be aware of the wide range of career options available both inside and outside academia
  • Have developed an understanding of how to search for opportunities and complete effective applications and interviews.
  • Have an understanding of the value of network building for career enhancement and have clear ideas of how they might develop their own networks
  • Be aware of the range of opportunities that exist to become a self-employed researcher.

All of these workshops count towards the Lancaster Award.

There will be one workshop per week starting in week 22 of Summer Term, and ending in week 30:

Week 22 1 hour webinar
Week 23 1 hour webinar
Week 24 2 hours face-to-face
Week 25 2 hours face-to-face
Week 26 1 hour webinar
Week 27 2 hours face-to-face
Week 28 2 hours face-to-face
Week 30 2 hours face-to-face

Students can also access further support from the Careers Service including one to one careers guidance interviews.


  1. Career Options in Higher Education - webinar
  2. Career Options Outside Academia - webinar
  3. How to Write an Effective Academic CV
  4. Academic Interviews
  5.  Profile Building
    1. Making the Most of LinkedIn
  6. Employer Interviews and Assessment Centres for FASS PhD Students applying for Non- Academic Jobs
  7. From PhD Student to Consultant
  8. Building Research Networks and Working With Your Supervisor

Introductory Reading

Vitae.ac.uk (2017) Career Destinations by Discipline Infographics

Vitae.ac.uk (2015) Researcher career stories

Vitae.ac.uk (2013) What do researchers do? Early career progression of doctoral graduates

Vitae.ac.uk (2012) What do researchers want to do. The early career intentions of doctoral researchers

Delamont, S. (2000) Successful Research Careers: A Practical Guide. London: Routledge

Ali, L. and Graham, B. (2000) Moving on in Your Career: A guide for Academics and Postgraduates.London: Routledge

Careers Support for PhD Students:


Timing and Location




01/05/18 - 26/06/18

Number of sessions:

3 x 1 hour sessions and  5 x 2 hour sessions


Week 22: Wednesday, 6.00-7.00

Week 23: Wednesday, 6.00-7.00

Week 26: Wednesday, 2.00-3.00

Timing and Location
(face-to-face sessions):

Weeks 24, 25, 27, 28, 30

2.00-4.00 Wednesdays, Bowland North Seminar Room 23


Additional information

Minimum quota: 6