What Will You Study

This four-year combined degree is provided by our renowned Department of Languages and Cultures and the highly-ranked Department of Linguistics and English Language. In your first year you’ll learn how the English language functions, studying traditional linguistic areas such as lexis, grammar and phonetics. Alongside this you’ll learn Mandarin Chinese, spoken by 20% of the world’s population. Our core Chinese module is designed to teach absolute beginners how to speak, listen to and read this fascinating language. You’ll also study simplified writing characters and Chinese culture.

For your second year you will study English Grammar and English Phonetics alongside further Chinese language modules. These modules build on your knowledge through further language tuition and understanding of the structure of Chinese. You will also have the opportunity to choose a further module such as The Language of Advertising or Discourse Analysis.

The core modules of your final year include Corpus-Based English Language Studies, Advanced English Phonetics, Chinese Culture and Society and a further Chinese Language module. You can also choose from options such as Forensic Linguistics and Language Changes in English and Beyond. As a third-year undergraduate, you’ll also write your dissertation, exploring a topic that you’re particularly interested in, and this is overseen by a member of staff from our department who specialises in your particular area. Given the size of the department, our academics will be able to supervise pretty much any topic and fit your interests.

Through your degree you’ll gain language and communication skills highly prized by employers. The English Language element of your degree is of professional relevance in many areas, from education to business management, advertising to accountancy. A proficiency in the Chinese language and a practical knowledge of China can lead to career destinations in the Civil Service, international trade and banking. Due to Mandarin’s increasing usage throughout the world, having a grasp of the language would be highly beneficial.