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Dr Laura Machin

  • has established a seminar series on medical ethics for staff from Lancaster University and the local Hospitals.  High-profile external speakers from medical ethics and clinical fields will be invited to speak, followed by a panel and audience discussion with members from the University and Hospitals to participate.  
  • has established a student debating series.  Teams of students from departments across the University will compete against each other on topical issues relating to medical ethics.  High profile alumni of the University will act as Chair of the debates, taking place at well-known locations in the City of Lancaster. 
  • is currently researching egg and sperm donors satisfaction with the donation process, funded by the National Gamete Donation Trust.  Emerging findings from this research include examining the position and treatment of donors within the fertility clinic setting, which she intends to present at the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology Conference in July.
  • As Co-Convenor of the BSA Human Reproduction Group, Dr Laura Machin is holding the 11th Annual Conference at Lancaster University.  This Conference usually attracts international presenters and attendees from a wide range of disciplines, as well as those working outside of academia. Students from the Centre will be invited to submit abstracts as well as attend the Conference on 21st June 2012.
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