What Will You Study

Discover how animals and plants function at an organism level and tackle the global challenges that affect them. Experience a different culture and society whilst studying abroad and take part in our amazing field trips.

Throughout your degree, you will be taught by internationally-renowned academics, and will have access to our state-of-the-art laboratories, which offer excellent facilities for practical work. You may participate in half and full-day excursions that benefit from our local, dynamic surroundings of the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Bowland Fells and Morecambe Bay, in addition to residential field work.

Our first year modules form a well-rounded introduction to the fundamental features of biology where you will gain the opportunity to link key global challenges, such as maintaining biodiversity, to human use of the environment and human health.

We offer flexible study paths that can be tailored to your own interests. In particular, in your second and final year of study, you can choose from a host of optional modules to develop your knowledge in specific aspects of biology, whilst gaining advanced techniques such as experimental design, data analysis and research delivery.

Our international field trips provide exciting opportunities. You may explore the Doñana National Park in the southwest of Spain, which is home to a plethora of plant, bird and animal species, including the world’s most endangered cat, the Iberian lynx; you can visit some of the UK’s last remaining natural habitats in rural Scotland, and witness a range of animals including red deer, osprey, mountain hare, hen harrier and golden eagle; or contribute to an expert-led study of the Rift Valley of Kenya, where we will evaluate the challenging balance between tropical conversation and human activity.

You will spend the second year of your degree working at a partner University in North America or Australasia, gaining an exciting and valuable experience of a different social and academic environment.

Your final year will feature a dissertation project where you may choose to make use of our high-quality laboratories and cutting-edge instrumentation, or undertake field-based work, such as contributing to ongoing research projects in the UK or overseas.